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     Pinckney, Putnam, Hamburg and Hell are small towns with large amounts of community involvement. Community leaders and local business owners are leading the way, putting their energies toward everything from additional and improved infrastructure to organizing festivals, parades and other special events that help draw people together.

    These lovely small towns are surrounded by wooded areas and farmland, with several lakes interspersed. The natural beauty of the area has long made it a destination for people who love the outdoors, drawing visitors from Michigan, Chicago and Ohio.These days, the people who live in the area count themselves fortunate to live full-time in a place where people went to "get away from it all" in days gone by. They've welcomed numerous new businesses while maintaining their community's small charm, and enjoy shopping and dining in their own community.

    Community leaders have recently renovated many local buildings and have updated the street scape in Pinckney. The addition of several unique restaurants and stores attract people from all over the county.

    The tiny hamlet of Hell is a major draw for tour buses that travel to Livingston County from Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Canada and elsewhere in Michigan. Visitor's may be initially attracted to the unusual name of the destination, but the area's natural beauty and the friendliness of the locals is what they remember.

    Outdoor recreation is still an important draw for the area. There's the Lakeland's Trail State Park, a 26-mile linear park built on an old railroad right-of-way and stretching from Hamburg to Stockbridge. There's also the Pinckney Recreation Area, which offers campgrounds, hiking, cross-country, skiing, horseback riding, snowmobiling, mountain biking, swimming, boating and fishing.

    Community leaders have organized numerous festivals like the Hamburg Family Fun Fest, Pinckney's Art in the Park and Railroad Days in Hamburg. There are also festivals to celebrate the 4th of July, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween and more.

    The area offers many entertainment and organized recreation opportunities. The Pinckney Players, Twins Masks and Pinckney Community High School offer numerous concerts and productions throughout the year. There are organized sports programs for both adults and youth as well.

    There is always something to do in these charming, unspoiled small towns in America's heartland. Like the travelers of long ago, take a vacation from the ordinary in Pinckney, Putnam, Hamburg and Hell.