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Marketing Mashup


A mixture of ideas, people and businesses coming together to help each other grow and prosper.

This marketing group meets once-a-month, the third Wednesday, at Brighton Light House to share and learn marketing tips -  everything from social, digital, website, SEO, email, CRM’s, drip campaigns, you name it!

There will be an expert facilitator each month along with Julanne Williams, Director of Business Development, moderating, to help launch this new concept and lead and guide discussions.


Note: Chamber membership required. (We'd love to have you attend the first one as a future member but require you to be a member to attend additional Marketing Mashups.)

Topic Lineup for 2023-24


  • January 2024. Intentional Revenue Growth in 2024
  • February 2024.  Love your Customers. Keep/Grow your Current Customers. Brand Loyalty
  • March 2024. LUCK: Where Preparation meets Opportunity. 9-Step Marketing Strategy with Cheryl Wasilewski, JCW Agency and Jason Tracey, Roar Consulting.
  • APRIL 2024. How to Tell An Effective Story Online.
  • MAY 2024. Overcoming Objections..Stop The Insanity and become intentional with your success as we learn how to overcome our most common objections with Jason Tracey of Roar Consulting.
  • JUNE 2024. Google Business & Local SEO
  • JULY 2024. Sales Process. Create a defined plan to convert leads into clients with Cheryl Wasilewski of JCW Agency and Julanne Williams, Marketing Strategist.
  • SEPTEMBER 2024. Working Smarter not Harder with Technology. Digital Marketing - transform your business utilizing the latest digital techniques.
  • OCTOBER 2024. Influencer Marketing. "Word-of-Mouth Commerce," has risen to a Top 3 Strategy.
  • NOVEMBER 2024. Reviews. Referrals and Testimonials. Customer feedback can be a powerful tool to grow your business, and many potential customers trust reviews more than other forms of advertising or promotion.
  • DECEMBER 2024. It's a Party! Bring your Marketing tips, Marketing Collateral, Promotional Items. Share what worked for you this year!


  • April. Top 3 Things You'd Recommend Businesses do to market their business. Facilitators: Rob Johnson, Wayne Media Group, Jason Tracey, Roar Consulting, JJ Zielinski, Lakehouse Studios and Maddie Shelton, Keep it real social
  • May. Referrals and Partnerships. Facilitators: Jason Tracey, Roar Consulting, Rob Johnson, Wayne Media Group and Cheryl Wasilewski, JCW Marketing & Sales
  • June. Google Analytics: Transfer UA to GA4. Facilitator: Rob Johnson, Wayne Media Group
  • July.  Marketing Metrics. Facilitator: Sommer Poquette, Keep it Real Social
  • August. Videos + Audio to Make Your Marketing Sizzle
  • September. Increase Leads by 220% in 3 Months. Facilitator: Lisa Smith, President of Inverve Marketing and Angelique, Creative Director
  • October. AI: Trend or Tool
  • November. Bouncing into the New (Sales) Year! Facilitator: DJ Kaminski,  Sales Executive, Consultant and Instructor 
  • December. It's a Party! (Bring your Marketing tips, Marketing Collateral, Promotional Items) Share what worked for you this year!

Videos 2023

The following link is to the video from the most recent Marketing Mashup. It will be available for one-week following event.


Grow your brand and prosper!