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    MaryBeth Potrykus - Mama Bear Productions

    I had been using products from another company who claimed to be “all natural.” I found out the hard way that there are herbs which are stimulants and those products deprived my body of good nutrition.  Then I was introduced to Shaklee in 1997 by a good friend.  It wasn’t about the sale, she educated me on what I was using and how it was hurting me.  I’ll always be grateful to her.  It isn’t about the sale for me either.  My intention was, is, and always will be about helping people.

    As I started using the products, my health improved and I was able to stop taking an anti-depressant.  You see when the body is physically malnourished, so is the brain.

    Then in 1998 I was laid off from my job. 

    My initial intention was to go back to school, and when my children were in school full time, I would go back to work.  Well, I really liked being a stay at home mom, and the products helped me and my family.  In fact my son and daughter (now in their 20s) have not been on an anti-biotic since they were preschool and toddler ages.  So I decided to help others, the way my friend helped me.  I didn’t want anyone else to have the same experience I did.

    In 2004 I became Mama Bear Productions.  I am more than a Shaklee distributor I am also a Wellness Educator.  In addition to the products, I provide Healthy Seminars to businesses, schools, churches and organizations in the community.  The seminars are not affiliated with Shaklee.   The information is from doctors, nurses and nutritionists.  The seminars focus on issues and solutions that you might not expect in a typical seminar.  They range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the venue.  As an extension of the seminars, I offer Health Consults.  People wanted to discuss specific ways for themselves in a private setting and I help them with a customized program.

    I am extending my services to non-profits.  Shaklee and I have a great program on how to increase donors and donations, month after month, and year after year with products that people use every day. 

    In 2006 I joined the Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce.  It was one of the best decisions I have made.  Not only for business purposes, I’ve also have made great friends.

    Although I know many members of the chamber, there are still many I do not know.  I would love to find out more about your business.  To schedule a meeting, call me at 810-813-3308.  If you would like to find out more about me and Shaklee, go to my website; www.mamabear.myshaklee.com

    Mary Beth Potrykus
    Mama Bear Productions

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  • Chamber Ambassadors

    Ambassadors are an incredibly important asset to the Chamber. They welcome new members, attend events, and are an extension of Chamber staff, representing the GBACoC at our functions.  The Ambassadors meet once a month to discuss upcoming events and make plans to visit new and existing members. Ambassadors are also in charge of fundraising throughout the year, raising money to fund college scholarships for graduating high school seniors.  For information on becoming an Ambassador, contact Sally Eastman, Director of Membership, at 810.227.5086.


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