• News Release: 1/9/2022

    LIVINGSTON CHIROPRACTIC is proud to announce the successful recruitment of DR. STUART MEYERS to our team. Dr Meyers, an esteemed & highly skilled Chiropractor with over 32 years experience, is bringing his great expertise to the Brighton area.
    Dr Meyers' has a history of success with severe and difficult to treat spinal degeneration, arthritis and pain conditions that would otherwise often be surgical. Patients have often described his results as miraculous.
    The care for children and adults with acute or even chronic injuries is highly successful.
    Please come by and introduce yourself, tour the office to see some of his State of the Art Treatment equipment.
    All Chamber members (and their employees) can get an Initial Evaluation, including Problem Focused Exam and Digital X-Rays for just $20- thru the end of January.

    CALL TODAY to come meet Brighton's newest doctor.

    Livingston Chiropractic  (810) 227-7799


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