• Mastermind Groups

  • An intro to Mastermind Groups (from fall 2015):


    The Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to launch Mastermind Groups.  A Mastermind Group is a small group of 3-5 business professionals dedicated to creating long term relationships with other business professionals in the Chamber.  Participants need to be invested in helping grow and sculpt group members’ businesses in addition to theirs.  This is done through intentional weekly learning and problem solving in a small group environment.  Each Mastermind Group is self-directed and an independent think tank.  No two groups will be the same, and each would focus on its individual areas of interest. 

    Spencer Field, Hub Manager of Orange Cube Group, located in Frontal Lobe LLC in downtown Howell, is coordinating the small groups.  For more information, please contact Spencer at spencer@orangecubegroup.com, 810.844.1245 or 810.770.8550. 

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