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    We are a Brighton based pest control company offering expert service for both residential and commercial properties. We specialize in general pest control, wildlife control, and sealing work.

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    Sealing out future wasps
    Open roof return
    Custom bent and cut matching flashing
    Custom metal flashing install to seal and protect open roof return
    Open roof vent pipes
    Vent pipe cover installed
    Star-nosed Mole
    Raccoon down in a chimney
    Adult eastern mole
    Bat hanging out
    Squirrel chew through roof vent
    Skunk sprayed vinyl siding
    Squirrels removed out of fascia board
    Squirrels removed out of roof vent
    Kestrel Hawk safely removed from inside a fireplace
    Raccoon tore soffit vent
    Squirrel path in squirrel leading to a roof vent
    Short tailed weasel accidentally caught while squirrel trapping
    Bat droppings turn to dust when crushed because the excrete insect exoskeleton.
    Flying squirrel in attic
    Mouse hole chewed in foam insulation and droppings caught in cobwebs
    False Black Widow found in a basement
    Carpenter bee damage
    Carpenter bee holes under gutter in the fascia board
    Gaps around old exhaust vent
    Wasps built nests inside exhaust vent
    Old exhaust vent needed to be removed and pipe cleaned out
    New vent installed and caulked in
    All sides of vent caulked in so no wasps can enter
    We seal even the hard to reach areas!
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    Carpenter ant

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