• Save $50* on Portable Generator Hook-Up with PowerBack Alarm

    Offer Valid: 01/29/2021 - 12/31/2021
    Power your home with safely and easily with a portable generator interllock system installed by Tri Star Electrical.
    Portable generators are a great alternative when an automatic standby generator is out of your budget. Tri Star Electrical can install a system that makes using a portable generator safe and easy.


    For a FREE estimate or more information about portable generator hookups or help other electrical matters, call Tri Star Electrical & Lighting, 810-225-9605 or email us at info@tristarelectrical.com


    Portable generators can provide a good, temporary source of power during electrical outages, but can be very dangerous if improperly installed or operated. When using a portable generator always make certain the generator is on an isolated system. If improperly connected, it could back-feed and create a life-threatening situation for the linemen who are working to restore your power.


    Having Tri Star install an interlock system allows you to safely energize your entire breaker panel. Your main circuit breaker is locked off while the panel is fed by the portable generator to prevent back-feeding. You simply connect your generator to the power inlet box and turn on the circuits that wish to use. We can also install an alarm that alerts you when the utility power has been restored so you know to turn off the portable generator.


    *Mention this ad and we will give you $50 off the PowerBack Utility Return Alarm when you purchase it as a part of your portable generator interlock system.

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