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  • The Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce is differentiating itself as a supporter of "Keeping local talent local." We didn't wait for others organizations to set the expectation for how this should happen, we have taken a strong lead.

    The Greater Brighton Area Chamber started the program with several goals in mind: To connect students to the Chamber and help them gain business experience as well as helping students to build awareness of what a Chamber is what it does and why it is important. Our goal is to bridge the gap between students and the business community in Livingston County. The students have great opportunities to network with members of the business community they may not normally have a chance to do so within the walls of their school. Students are invited to experience all the benefits of a GBACOC Membership and to hopefully reap the rewards from it as so many members do! We hope to be the catalyst that Fast Fowards the student into employment after they have graduated, or even perhaps before with an internship.

    Inclusive regions prosper!



  • Complimentary Membership to all Cleary Full-time Traditional Students:

    ​Please join us as a Student Member to enhance your knowledge in various topics related to business while also providing opportunities to improve your professional skills!
    Student Membership Benefits:

    - Networking with Business members and fellow student members

    - Listing in Member's Information Center on Chamber website

    - Access to internship opportunities with Business members

    - Business education workshops

    - Community Service opportunities with Non-Profit organizations

    - Discounted member price at Chamber events 

    - Career trials (Meeting professionals with students’ work/major interest)

    - Community involvement opportunities on Chamber committees

    - Leadership opportunity with student-run programs

    - Resume building opportunities and coaching  

    - Possibility of earning recommendation letters

    - Student Representation on Chamber Board of Directors
    Eligibility Requirements:

    -   school validation to prove “student” status

    - 18+ years of age
    - Full-time Traditional Cleary Student

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